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Notes in the B-Sides and Rarities CD!

You're Not A Whore (By The Real Partners): A lovely song recorded at Sam's house with Limbeck 2 years ago when they had a day off in Phoenix, it was great to see how those guys worked out a song and then pass out in sleeping bags on Sam's floor.
For You (Originally by Bruce Springsteen): We were asked to be part of a Bruce Springsteen tribute benefit compilation right around the time I was on a huge Springsteen kick. Figured it out and recorded it on a day off at John Vanderslice's "Tiny Telephone" studio. One of the best recording experienced I've ever had and one of my favorite covers we have done to date.
Faith in Fast Cars (Demo): This song will most likely always be the bridesmaid... The lyrics have since changed a bit, and rightfully so.
Seven Digit Pin Code (Demo): Written on an acoustic tour Sam and I did 4 years ago (We were getting old), I had heard a story about a kid in Pennsylvania who was taking hidden pictures of a girl and putting them on the internet and he was later found dead in the river, her father a suspect. I never followed up on the whole thing, who knows if this song will ever become something more.
A Good Time At Your Expense (Demo): A Dog Problems demo and a Sam favorite, I love t his song as well but when we were making the record I felt like we had too many songs that were similar so this one was cut. Someone also told me that I was melodically biting "This Land Is Your Land" so that made it easier to let go. Still has one of my favorite personal lines "Why do all nouns stutter like adjectives when they bend to leave your lips?". The song might never be properly recorded but I'd like to steal those words.
Threes (Demo): A song I'd love to record properly but it always gets put on the back burner, plus every time we try to work it out Sam can't remember the end of the bridge but we try for 5 minutes and declare the song "shit". I didn't even know we recorded an acoustic demo of it.
Do You Believe In Magic? (Originally by The Lovin' Spoonful): We thought we were going to get a lot of money if we recorded this song and someone put it in a commercial. It never happened, but it shows off how good Sam is at putting together a ton of music in the middle of the night on his laptop. One day that skill alone will make us millions. Whether it's money stolen from Corporate America or not, has yet to be determined.
Dear Boy (Demo): Another song about record labels and I think it might have helped lead to our demise in that department. Unfortunately a friend of ours thought it was written about them. It wasn't, it was more so written about a manager we had met with... A very Larry David moment... I thought she was great... She thought I was the Antichrist... or Bono... A connection perhaps?
Dead End (Demo): Same record label asked us to go "write with someone", we were at weird points in our lives and had seen it done many a times before even with some of the best songwriters so we figured "why not give it a shot?", we had met Linda before she was/is a very intriguing person, and so she was the one saddled with our baggage for a day. What a day it was! She helped take a song that was initially supposed to be a Hall and Oates rip off and turned it into gold. Well, not gold, but it made the cut for Dog Problems.
Time Bomb (Demo): Our friend Aaron Wendt might be one of the best people ever, not only did he record all of the Dog Problems demos, he is always there when we need to record something quickly (like a cover song), he has filled in numerous times on bass, and he let us use his parents cabin to "get away from it all" and write a lot of the Dog Problems songs. It was there that while trying to work on "Threes" Sam came up with the piano part of the song. Also the beauty of the demo is being able to turn around and say "Wow, that intro really sucked... Lets rip off Queen".
If Work Permits (Demo): The last song written for Dog Problems and far and away my favorite demo. Before we had even finished a basic acoustic version of thsi song I called Aaron and made him open up his studio/ laundry room and help us record and finish this song. One of my favorite vocal takes I have ever done, and the only demo that might be as good as the proper recording that followed.
Matches (Acoustic): Just an acoustic version of matches that we recorded at this amazing radio station in Tucson the day Dog Problems was released. One day I would love to go back with the full band.
I'm Actual (Demo): We did a demo for I'm Actual?
The Lottery Song (Originally by Harry Nilsson): Once again, Sam flexing his laptop recording muscles while Aaron and I took a day to figure out what Nilsson was doing with his backup vocals. I still don't know, but we ended up finding our own way to record the vocals out of tune.
Glutton of Sympathy (Originally by Jellyfish): As a musician, sometimes you hear a song and say "If I could play guitar, I would cover that song", and sometimes you're lucky enough to talk your counterpart into learning the basic chords to it. This was one of those times. Thank the lord for Jellyfish... Now go buy their records.
1000 Umbrellas (Originally by XTC): Another one of those situations except we wish we hadn't blown it by only covering it acoustic and never doing a fully recorded cover with orchestration. Go buy "Skylarking" or you're going to be stuck listening to some 8th rate cover of one of the best songs from one of the best bands.
Apeman (Originally by The Kinks): Do we even write songs? Apparently not... But damn we sure do cover a lot of songs... Have I mentioned Aaron Wendt yet? Guy doesn't get enough credit for putting up with us... And for putting up with Don wanting to take a microphone from Aaron's laundry room to the drive way and record my car's engine... For the intro to a cover song that was never picked up by a major corporation to help sell motor oil and make us millions in the process!!! Plus I'm not sure how well you can hear it in the beginning or the song... Or the bongos I demanded on the final chorus.
Does Your Cat have A Mustache?: We didn't have a lot of time to figure this song out so its even more of a mess then it was intended to be. I wrote it to be a kids song for a compilation, and because I thought kids these days were on tons of A.D.D. medication, I decided to play along and give them something that wouldn't need to hold their attention for more than 3 minutes. Unfortunately it lost our attention somewhere along the way.

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